Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Adventurous Day!

I woke up this morning by a phone call from my sweetheart. He came by about 9:00 this morning to see me and I was super excited! Then I went back to sleep for a while since I didn't get much sleep last night. Then I had to take my cousin to swim team practice. Those were the boring parts of my day though. I went out to eat with my parents and then my mom and I went to look for stuff for my rooms that I am remodeling! So we descided that we would go with an Old Hollywood theme for my office with Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn wall art all over the walls. I am super excited to see the finish product! The BEST part of my day though was Teen Mom came on! My most FAVORITE show ever! What a great way to end a wonderful day.

My Love

Where would a woman be without her man by her side? I personally would be lost. I used to think I could live without a man, which I can...but then I met Steven. He is the most amazing person I have ever met in my life. Although we have some awful fights sometimes, I can look at him in the mitzed of everything and just want to kiss him and let him hold me. It seems like we have been together longer than a little more than 7 months. He jokes with me at times saying that we fight like an old married couple, which is SO true! I hope to be with him a long time if he can handle that! -- sbw&&jtp 01.01.10

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Role Model

I have too many fantasies to be a housewife. I guess I am a fantasy.

-Marylin Monroe

She was an iconic figure in American history; sadly, the pills messed her up.

Remodeling (:

So, I am remodeling my room, bathroom, and office/hang out area. My three theme colors are black, white, and red. To start off, my bed room will be red on top with chair railing and then black and white stripes on the bottom part. My bathroom will have black and white stripes from the ceiling to the floor. This is a super sophisticated and fun way to redo a room. Then to my office/den area, I am painting it the same as my bathroom and so I think it will be a very welcoming place to hang out and have friends over in. I am most excited about this room though because I am getting all black furniture and a mini fridge and microwave (: it will be every college girl's dream! I will have tons of pictures up when I am done. It will be a while though because we have to get everything organized and there is no telling how long that will take. I encourage all college students living at home to do this to have a place for their friends who are out of town to come and hang out instead of being stuck in their dorms all night and day. Pictures coming soon!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My first day!

Okay so Thursday will be the first day of my first ever real job! I actually just start training that day but I get paid, therefore, I can call it my first day at work. I am really kind of nervous but I'm sure I'll do just fine (: - at least I hope so. So I am really worried about my smile because my face is the first thing people will see when they walk into the doors of Outback Steakhouse. YIKES! Luckily I have teeth whitening from the dentist but I am still very self conscious about the way my teeth look because even though they are semi-white, I want them VERY white. Oh well, thats besides the fact of the matter. My best friend already works there but she is in Texas until the 16th or something like that and so I won't see here when I first start out. Oh well though, I think I'll survive. I hear that training is the worst and hardest part. I'm sure once I get the hang of it, I'll do just fine.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Getting to Know Me: Beyond the About Me

Well, this can only start off one way in my world; "Once upon a time..." "Yeah right, only in fairy tales!" one might say. Why is that though? You can make your life a fairy tale and realistic at the same time. That's how I live my life. I am Jessica, a freshman in college with a lot to learn. I grew up in a small town called Greenwood. Sadly, still today, this is where I call home. I do love it here though, I am always indecisive of which side of the fence I'm actually on. Anyway, I live in a typical household. I have two parents who love me very much and a brother in college who, well, is a typical big brother. I have an amazing boyfriend, Steven. Although I am still so young, I know he is the one I want to be with for forever; fairy tale stuff again. He and I have been dating for 7 months and 5 days (Miss Specific, I know - haha). I am a typical college girl I guess one could say. My life consists of studying, boys, and social networking! How would today's society survive without Facebook and Twitter?! I am hoping this won't interfer with my studies but I can only hope to find a balance. This whole college thing is going to take some getting used to. Which leads me to where I am today. I attend Lander University where I am majoring in nursing. My dreams so far are to graduate college and pass my state boards, work for one year in ICU, and then go to nurse anethesis school. Woosh, what a life I have ahead of me. I know it will be extremely difficult but I am willing to do my best, if not better, to succeed. Having a man that will stick by your side that long is worth marrying! We'll have to see if Steven can put up with this girl that long, poor baby! Although having a great relationship with family and an amazing guy, I would be nowhere nor get nowhere without having a strong relationship with Jesus. I sometimes feel alone and then he calls my name, reassuring me that He is there beside me. I hope and pray everyday that I make the right decisions and that I live the way God wants me to live. I truly hope that God will put people in my life in college that will help me not loose the way and get mixed up in the "true college experience." Pageants are my thing, honey! Although the outside world may think that pageants are awful, they are actually a great way to meet new people and learn life experiences. In peageants, you always run into girls who think they are better than others, which is okay because they are missing out on getting to know great young ladies. I have always loved playing dress up and when I got into doing pageants, I found out how talented I was with make up and fashion. Hair on the other hand, I would rather keep simple because its sort of not one of my talents. I love tanning! I used to go to the tanning bed religously but lately I have been too busy to even go! Especially now since I am starting my new job as a hostess at Outback. I am super excited because we have to wear all black (not in an emo way) and black is so my color! I hope one would find this introduction welcoming and learn that I am a very sweet and caring young lady.